Spaceship Against Planet ✈

Hi guys welcome our Spaceship aganist World game,

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✶ 1 ✶ First of all i want to give you information about the “What is the spaceship vs world game purpuse ? ” I think all of you play snake game this game is similar about snake game but this time in front of you there is not a box. There are worlds. You are a big Spaceship and you must not crush the world. Run away from them..
✶ 2 ✶ This game has endless mode. Survive and get more point than your friends..
✶ 3 ✶ You will not play just world. In leaderboard you will see more powerful users..

✔ 1 ✔ Select your spaceship type.
✔ 2 ✔ Press PLAY button.
✔ 3 ✔ Touch the screen then if you want to take your ship in left then scrool left, if you want to go right then scrool your hand right.
✔ 4 ✔ You can touch blue stars than your spaceship will grown and get more stronger. ( If you want to take stars otomaticly you can use your magnet power. If you dont have it you can buy from SHOP )
✔ 5 ✔ If you want to destroy a world go straigt it.. BUT DO NOT FORGET IF IT IS MORE STRONGER THAN YOU YOU WILL EXPLODE. ( If any world stronger than you, you can use shield.. If you do not have shield you can BUY it from SHOP. Or you can use your BOMB than every world in screen day will explode. If you dont have, you can buy it from SHOP )
✔ 6 ✔ Than tell your friend whats your score and beat them !!!

✘ 1 ✘ You can buy noads version and you will not show any ads. ( To buy noads version ( Its realy cheap ) First go SHOP, than press noads, than make payment.. Thank you.. ) 
✘ 2 ✘ This game is endless. You will stop and countinue..
✘ 3 ✘ In game there is 3 special power. This are ; SHIELD , BOMB and MAGNET.. ( You can see their power in game )
✘ 4 ✘ You will cotrol your spaceship to easily.
✘ 5 ✘ Spaceship and Planet game has really good and perfect grafic.
SPECIAL NOTES : In our game we didnt use classic snake vs blocks we think it big. And we create a SPACE your you.. Think big get it down.. We are not in ground we are in air..
Thank you all of you for read this explanation. Please do not forget give us 5 stars. Do not forget we are here because to help you and give you good time.. 
Have a good day..

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