Race With Luxury Cars – Car Racing in Traffic 2018

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Welcome our Race With Luxury Cars – Car Racing in Traffic game;
With this game, you can perform any kind of attraction that you can not do in real life. In this <b> Car Racing </ b> category we have presented you with many different luxury cars.
If we do not have these luxury cars in real life, we will have the pleasure of driving <b>luxury cars in traffic</b> with this game.
The aim of the game is to get as high a speed as the power of your car can with a busy road and to get the highest score by running the longest distance without getting involved in the accident.
Our <b> Car Racing Game </ b> gives you extra game points for every second you travel over 100 km.
By raising money from the races, you can strengthen the car you have used, and buy more luxury new cars.
Our Car Racing game, which is one of the most graphically advanced games among car games, has a separate place from other Car Racing games thanks to the variety of cars offered in the game.
<b><u>Race With Luxury Cars – Car Racing in Traffic Features</b></u>
✌ Ultra HD graphics,
✌ 11 different luxury cars,
✌ 3 different game maps,
✌ 4 different game modes,
✌ Vehicle control with both gyro and direction keys

<b><u>How Can Play Race With Luxury Cars – Car Racing in Traffic ?</b></u>
✌ You can control the vehicles with the direction keys on the screen or the motion sensor.
✌ Touch the forward button to accelerate.
✌ Touch the back button to slow down.
✌ Click the Nos button to drive faster.

<b><u>Tricky Points of Race With Luxury Cars – Car Racing in Traffic </b></u>
✌ How much you use car faster you will get game money and point ,
✌ If you drive faster than 100 km, you will earn extra points.
✌ In Double Direction mode, driving from the lane towards the car adds extra points.

Driving is a thrill for all of us. Our goal is to bring this excitement to your phone and allow you to race in the car on the road. You can send any kind of problem that you have in mind to us from the e-mail address of the game page.

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