Puzzle Emoji Crush

Hi everybody, welcome our <b><u>PUZZLE EMOJI CRUSH</b></u> game. I want to give you some information about our game.
<b>Puzzle Emoji Crush</b> is the most fun and addicting matching game on the <b>Play Store !</b>
This game main purpuse is <b><i>match-2. You have too match at least 2 same EMOJI.</b></i>
<b>Puzzle Emoji Match </b>is easy, and every age can play easly, just play one or two game than you can learn our game.
<b><i>Emoji crush must be in your android phone. You can pass your time good.</b></i>
<b><u>How to Play Puzzle EMOJI CRUSH, Puzzle EMOJI MATCH ? </b></u>
* 1 * First of all you have to dowland our puzzle game <b><i>( Do not forget our puzzle emoji game is completly FREE. ) </b></i>
* 2 * Press Setting tab than select which character you want, <b>we have a BOY and A GIRL. </b>After selection do not forget SAVE button.
* 3 * Do not forget if sound disturbing you , you can close them..
* 4 * After that press START. When you press Start <b>Emoji Crush game you will see a map. In this map lots of level will apear.. </b>You must finish all of level to finish puzzle emoji game.
<b>Match 2 or more adjacent Emojis to complete missions and clear level and pass the other level.</b>
If you are match more than Emoji’s there will be apear a gift for you.. We call this boosters…
✔ ✔ If you match 5 Emoji your booster will <b><u>HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL BOMB. </b></u>
✔ ✔ If you match 6 Emoji your booster will <b><u>DYNAMITE.</b></u>
✔ ✔ If you match 7 or more Emoji your booster will<b><u> COLOR BOMB. </b></u>

Let me intruduce you <b><u>Puzzle EMOJI Crush’s Color blocks, Special blocks, Blockers, Boosters and Combos .</b></u>

✔ <b>Stones</b> only explode when a match happens in one of the neighbour tiles. <b>Stones never fall down due to gravity.</b>
✔ <b>Balls </b>only explode when a match happens in one of the neighbour tiles.<b> Balls always fall down due to gravity.</b>
✔ <b>Flowers </b>only explode when they reach the bottom of the level. <b>Flowers always fall down due to gravity.
✔ <b>Ice blockers</b> are only destroyed when a match happens with the block inside the ice.

✔ <b>Horizontal bombs</b> destroy all the blocks located in the same row.
✔ <b>Vertical bombs</b> destroy all the blocks located in the same column.
✔ <b>Dynamites</b> destroy all the neighbor blocks.
✔ <b>Color bombs</b> destroy all the blocks of the same, random color in the level.

<b><u>❈❈❈ EMOJI CRUSH’S COMBOS ? </b></u>
✔ <b>Two horizontal bombs</b> combined will explode three rows instead of one.
✔ <b>Two vertical bombs</b> combined will explode three columns instead of one.
✔ <b>A horizontal bomb</b> combined with a vertical bomb will explode both a row and a column.
✔ <b>Two dynamites </b> combined will explode a bigger neighboring square of blocks.
✔ <b>Two color bombs </b> combined will explode all the blocks in the level.

<b><u>Best Puzzle Game EMOJI CRUSH Features ?</b></u>
* ✌ * First of all we are planning to add more than 1000 thousand level..
* ✌ * In game there are <b>rewarded videos,</b> you can watching video and<b> get 150 coins for every watching.</b>
* ✌ * You can select you <b>GIRL or BOY in game setting.</b> You can close Sound and Music too.
* ✌ * <b>Puzzle Emoji Crush </b>is a type of puzzle game and its free to play and totally addictive!
* ✌ *<b> Exciting gameplay, just dowland and start to play, its free!</b>
* ✌ * <b>Puzzle Block Games are awesome and relaxing game to play with family and friends. So Emoji Crush is one of them..</b>
* ✌ * <b>We are calling our game as a Puzzle Emoji Crush</b> but you can call it <b>Puzzle Emoji Match too. (: </b>
* ✌ * <b>Puzzle Emoji game</b> has plenty of excited levels which help to train your brain.

✌ ✌ Thanks for all of u to dowland Puzzle Emoji Crush . Do not forget make a comment and give us 5 stars.

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