Puzzle Block Extra ✘

✘✘ Hi everybody; welcome my Puzzle Block & Arrange Blocks games.
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✌ This game probably reduce your stress but it can be make u a little angry. Dont think about it.
✌ Let me explain to you Puzzle Block game;

✌ In my game there is three different game mod. 

✌ * ✌ First one is Standart Game : Standart Puzzle Block target is;
1 ) You have three different blocks, you must place them in blocks.
2 ) When all blocks was expired like up to down they will disappear.
3 ) Then u can place this part new blocks. Our game second name is coming from there Arrange Blocks. 

✌ When you do not have any place to blocks game will be over. When game over your best score will be seen.

✌ * ✌ Second game mode is Plus Game mode ; In this game mode you have different shape of blocks. And its a bit harder than standart game mode.

✌ * ✌ Third game mode is Bomb Game mode. Are u ready for Puzzle Block with bomb ? Bomb start to countdown it will explode. Before the explosion disappear the bomb.
✌ Let me explain to u have to play this game mode.
✌ If a bomb appear you must directly arrange the blocks bomb line or column to destroy bomb.

✌ In Puzzle Block Legend game there is a leadership. Are u ready for be the first ? When your friends play this game u can race with them.

✌ To look which rows u are u must press ranking image then u will see where u are.

✌ Ohh, i was forgeting talk about my block puzzle game’s price, Puzzle Block is Free.

✌ Block puzzle games main purpuse is use your mind. We can say this is puzzle block mania. And dont be to mad. (: Any way this is world puzzle block.

✌ Thanks for all of u to dowland Puzzle Block and Arrange Blocks. Do not forget make a comment and give us 5 stars.

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