Math Puzzle – Math Puzzle For Your Brain

Hi everybody, welcome our ✍ Math Puzzle Game ;

Let me explain you purpuse of the Math Puzzle, there is 8 * 8 blocks. Every level you will see in this block numbers and mathematical operation. You must chose correct numbers and correct operation then you will get blue blocks. ( Every level difficulty will increase.. )

✍ 8 * 8 block grids,

Math puzzle has endless mode,

✍ Colorfull design,

Math puzzle games will increase your brain power,

✍ This type of game ( math puzzle ) will help you to increase your math ability.

✍ First screen will show you;
✌ ✌ Best level, ( Maksimum which level you get sucses in math puzzle )
✌ ✌ Best Combo, ( Your best combo in math puzzle )
✌ ✌ Accuration,
✌ ✌ Time Spent, ( How much time you spent in math puzzle game )
✌ ✌ Play Math Puzzle Game, ( To play math puzzle game press here )
✌ ✌ Play Count, ( How many times you play Math Puzzle Game )
✌ ✌ Correct, ( How many correct answer you have in math puzzle game )
✌ ✌ Wrong, ( How many wrong answer you have in math puzzle game )
✌ ✌ Retries.. ( How many time you press retries buton )
✍ Than you will see math play game screen; In this game screen you will see Choose the black grids that equals with blue grids ) After you finish all blocks you will pass the other level..

✍ Top of the secreen you will see time, do not forget the finish level in that time.. If you cant finish math puzzle will over.

✍ When you press STOP button time will stop ( Do not worry if you dont have time press stop, after you have speare time you can countiune math puzzle. )

✍ On the right parth you will see RELOAD button.. If you cant find last answer you can press this button than try again but do not forget time will not reset.. When it be 00 : 00.. Tell Bye Bye to math puzzle..

✍ If Time’s Up ! you will see in this screen your math puzzle ;
✌ ✌ Last score;
✌ ✌ Last level,
✌ ✌ Best Combo..

✍ In this screen if you want you can start new math puzzle game or will make a comment and give stars us or you can go fisrt screen..

✌ ✌ Thanks for all of u to dowland Math Puzzle – Math Quiz Puzzle For Brain. Do not forget make a comment and give us 5 stars.

SEE YOU ..  

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