Block Puzzle : Destroy Blocks PRO

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Hi, welcome our <b>Block Puzzle : Destroy Blocks</b> Game.

► This is a simple <b>block game. </b> You need only drag <b>BLOCKS!</b> and fill up vertical or horizantal. <b>Block Games</b> are fun and clasic puzzle game.
► When you start to play <b>Block Puzzle game</b>, you will not stop to play Block Puzzle.
► <b>Puzzle Block</b> has very friendly and simple interface.
► All users of all age may pla <b>Free Puzzle Game.</b>
► <b>Block Puzzle – Puzzle Game</b> is the most interesting <b>block puzzle</b> game you have ever played!


👉 You have to place blocks pieces in to the board.
✨ When you fill a vertical or horizontal line, that parth will destroy. And you will get more point.
👉 Game will just over when there is not enough place for blocks.
✨ Addiational note for <b>BOMB BLOCK PUZZLE</b>; if you can not destroy bombs and it reach 0 point bomb will explode.
👉 You can not rotate the block in this <b>puzzle game. </b>
👉 This <b>free puzzle block</b> game does not have any time limits.
👉 Do not forget try to fit all blocks row or column in <b>puzzle block</b> game .


👉 This <b>block puzzle game</b> support leaderboards.
✨ You can race wtih your friends, and will be winner with this <b>block game. </b>
👉 Easy <b>puzzle game</b> for all age, every where you can play.
👉 <b>Block Puzzle</b> game is not required internet connection.
👉 Three type puzzle game;
✨ <b>Classic Puzzle Game</b> ; It has own leaderboard. Sipmle <b>classic puzzle block</b> game.
✨ <b>Plus Puzzle Game</b> ; It has own leaderboard. Diffrent from classic puzzle game is, more mixed block will come for you.
✨ <b>Bomb Puzzle Game</b> ; It has own leaderboard and you must destroy bombs before they reached 0 point.

✍ Please Enjoy Our <b >Block Puzzle : Destroy Blocks</b>. For any question you can send us a mail.

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